Build Your Own Real Estate Listing Service with Ruby on Rails and Sphinx Part 1

In this tutorial we will use Ruby on Rails with the Sphinx search engine to build a small real estate listing service. We will use Sphinx to provide a google like free text search with results ordered by relevance.

This tutorial is splitted in two parts. In this first part it covers the preparation of the development stack and the implementation of the first feature with behavior driven development.

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Advanced Geocoding with Ruby on Rails

Geocoding with Ruby on Rails and the Google Maps API is normally an easy task. But sometimes you have do more than simple geocoding. For real estate webpages you need additional information about state, county or suburb for a given address.

This tutorial I will show you how to build your own server-side geocoding with address information completing and usage of caching data.

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Unzip Multiple Zip Files with Ruby on Rails

Sometimes you have to integrate exported data from third party desktop software. One way to do is to pack all data into a zipped file and push it via FTP onto your server. This tutorial will explain how to process zip-files with your Ruby on Rails™ application.

I will take an example from a real estate managing software. It’s a common way for this kind of software to pack and push their data to online real estate listing services.

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A New Start

As some of you noticed, I was absence for with my blogs for two years. There was different reasons for it, but the main one was the workload as freelancing developer. In this time I couldn’t care about the tutorials and anticipate the changes in the software environment.

In the last two years there was a lot of changes. The Ruby on Rails Framework evolved to version 3 with a lot of architecture changes and the beta version of Rails 4 was released last weeks. The Google Maps API raised to Version 3, too. Again with a lot of architecture changes. There was a lot of work to upgrade my customers applications. Besides the freelance work I have had a lot of work with our new house,too.

As I started this tutorials blog I wanted to create advanced rails tutorials providing a solution for a certain problem. But in my opinion these tutorials are only useful if they are working with the current version numbers of the software. With the workload of the last years I couldn’t update them properly and so I decided to shut down the blog temporary.

Now I will start again. I’m going to rewrite the tutorials matching the current version of Ruby on Rails and the Google API’s. If someone likes the legacy code from the old tutorials I will add them. But the code examples won’t be as useful as two years ago.